10 December 2013

Venice the water city in Italy.

Vacation in Italy or the Italian Republic. Another tourist destination that is located in Southern Europe. Located in the shape of a boot and two large islands in the Mediterranean Sea Italian peninsula is the island of Sicily and Sardinia. Rome is the capital and largest city of Latium in Italy.

Venice the water city in Italy

Venice, the water city in Italy.
City of Venice or Venezia. One of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The city is known for its historical and artistic prosperity. He has the nickname Queen of Adriatic metric. River City City of Bridges and the City of Light. The Venetian is the capital of the Veneto region, at 1 in 20 is northeast Italy. It is also the largest of the eight regions of the country, is a region of wealth and the source of most industries in Italy. It is also a region that has one of the most tourists too.

Venice the water city in Italy

Venice is made up of about 118 small islands joined together in the Island Lake Avenue Theatre. This lake is located on the coast between the mouth of the Spokane River in the Pacific. As part of the metric of the Adriatic Sea. In northern Italy Both the city and the lake was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987.

The island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Venice the water city in Italy

Because most of Venice is surrounded by a vast expanse of water. Transportation within the city, like Venice canals used to transport more. The boat service to travel to different places in the city with a view of the nature of the two-channel tour boat. Canal Street, the city is more of a world city. Visitors can admire the beauty of these buildings, the stores located across the country, including the meandering channel to the city also.

For tourism in the city of Venice. The main attractions that I recommend you visit the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, which is the location of the Piazza San Marco or St. Mark's Square and the square is the main public square, a very important tourist destinations in the city of Venice.

Piazza San Marco.

Venice the water city in Italy

Attractions, recognized as the top of the island of San Giorgio, Max George V is the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore Benedictine Church in the 16th century it has. the island of the same name The church, built in white marble in the classical style and the Renaissance. Or during the year 1566 - 1610 has been designed by Andrea Palladio.

Then I suggest you visit. Basilica St. Mark's is another attraction located on the Piazza San Marco is a cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Venice  is a famous cathedral. Venice And also one of the best examples of the cathedral, built in Byzantine architecture.

Palazzo Ducale.

Venice the water city in Italy

St Mark's Basilica Located on the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco was built to dedicate to San Marcos. Who was honored in Venice. Saints as a missionary to Egypt. And executed highlight of the church of San Marcos in a 5 domes dome is decorated with different art. The front is adorned with a statue of San Marcos. And 4 bronze horse statue, which they say was stolen from Constantinople in the police.

And not far from the well is located. The bells of San Marco, one of the most famous and well known to most of the city of Venice. The bell tower is located near the front of the Basilica of San Marcos. The bell tower has a height of 98.6 meters (323 feet), the current bell tower has become a key part of the popular picturesque city of Venice and tourism.

Grand Canal (Venice).

Venice the water city in Italy

Later I encourage you to visit the Ducal Palace or Palace Dodge The palace built in Venetian Gothic Venice style the palace was used as a resting place. Venice parental and was later converted into a museum in 1923 by the museum managed by the Venice Civic Museums Foundation.

Finally, it is recommended that targets the Grand Canal (Venice), famous for its canals and the main destination for tourists who want gondola cruise. , Also called the gondola. Cross the channel with a length of 3,800 meters and a width of 30 to 90 meters, visitors pass through the main attractions of Venice are many.

Bridge of Sighs

The first point to visit the church of Santa Maria della Salute  old church standing at the entrance to the Grand Canal. A building classified as a symbol of Venice. Baroque church of this size. Created opportunities for Thanksgiving outbreak happened in Venice in 1630 until its completion in 1687, five years after the construction of the pioneer church died.

Venice the water city in Italy

Bridge of Sighs old bridge that connects the old jail with the Ducale Palace. It is to transport prisoners in prison, designed by Antoni Contino in 1602 made ​​of white limestone. A window to look out. To convict a dramatic sky. Venice and the sea for the last time in life by the name of Lord Byron called bridge Singh in the 19th century due to the sighs of prisoners will be the last time.

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