5 February 2014

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand.

Ratchaprapa dam is a limestone peaks mountain perpendicular to the emerald waters. This area is known as Thailand's Guilin. Located in Ban Ta Khun district, Surat Thani, Thailand.

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam. 

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

Raft at 500 acres, is surrounded by nature in an area of ​​500 acres near the upstream.
This is an area that has been dubbed "Jurassic Park". Meaning of the word is an area with plenty of water, forests and wildlife, and also a one of the top ten places to visit in the natural world of famous travel magazine Lonely Planet too.

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

The highlight here is privacy. Raft of 500 hectares has been designed for the passage in the back room to provide maximum privacy. There is also a kayak own private room. The other is a special peace alongside beautiful. When designing the room design restaurant serving customers and groups of nature style. Centered Holidays close to nature.

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

Feature of the Raft 500 acres the residents can view natural in the room. And front balcony to experience the natural and fog in the morning.

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

Raft of 500 acres at Ratchaprapa dam, Thailand

31 January 2014

Swimming with pigs the clear ocean waters of Major Cay island.

Swimming with pigs the clear ocean waters of Major Cay island.

Pig Beach, also known as Major Cay of the Bahamas (Commonwealth of the Bahamas). Located in the Atlantic Ocean East of Florida USA.

Major Cay, also known as the Big Major Cay. It was first discovered in 2009 by photographer Eric Cheng and Captain Jim Abernathy. The island is uninhabited. But the creatures that live on this island it is a pig. For the number of pigs that live on this island there are about 20. There are other animals, such as cats and goats.

The most popular activities on the island, this pig. Is to go swimming with a cute pig familiar to tourists. Or able to sunbathe on the beach full of pigs actively walking along the beach.

26 January 2014

Top 10 most dangerous mountains in the world.

The dangerous allure of a challenge for human beings, we want to try to prove himself to win. Telegraph website has ranked the 10 most dangerous mountains in the world. And the dead climbers from around the world are many.

10. Everest, Nepal

Height above sea level to 29,017 feet. 
Everest is one of the peaks in the Himalayas and is the highest peak in the world. However, from past to present Climbers have died here over 200 people. People tried to climb, but it does not peak until the disheartened. Today with advances in conquering this peak further. Not terrible than ever. Remains a dream for climbers worldwide who wanted to be the conqueror of the highest peaks in the world.

9. The Matterhorn, Switzerland - Italy

Height above sea level to 14,692 feet. 
The Matterhorn is one of the most dangerous mountains in the Alps. Year 1857 when a group initiative to try to conquer this peak. But the story ends with regrettable because four people die here and later climbers also died many more. Cause high mortality in first. It is shaped like pyramids caused a perilously steep.

8. Mount Vinson, Antarctica

Height above sea level to 16,050 feet. 
Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. It was first discovered in 1958. Even today there are about 1,400 climbers have successfully reached this peak. But even then it was not easy. Because of its location, which is located in the continent is covered with ice and snow in the distant mountains, making it one of the most difficult.

7. Mount Fitz Roy, Argentina

Height above sea level to 11,020 feet. 
Monte Fitz Roy, although not sky high. But each year, almost no one will reach the summit successfully. Or some years none at all. The reason for it is a steep granite cliffs dangerous than others.

6. Kangchenjunga, India - Nepal

Height above sea level to 28,169 feet. 
Kangchenjunga One of the peaks in the Himalayas, and high #3 in the world, although today the technology helps in climbing a modern and progressive. However, the rates of death for trying to climb as high, remains the same. Average of 1 to 5 each time because avalanches and bad weather it happens all the time.

5. Nanga Parbat, Pakistan

Height above sea level to 26,660 feet.
Nanga Parbat is one of the peaks of the Himalayas, and high as # 9 in the world with a brutal Many climbers do fail and die cast here. The peak of this if it is in winter. No one has yet conquered even one.

4. Mont Blanc, France - Italy

Height above sea level to 15,781 feet. 
Mont Blanc is one of the highest peaks of the Alps, the highest in Europe. It is known for its beautiful scenery and is ideal for skiing. But it is causing many people have died here. But even so, did not prevent people would dare to risk this mountain a little further down.

3. K2, Pakist√°n

Height above sea level to 28,251 feet. 
K2 is the second highest in the world after Mount Everest and has a mortality rate ranks second in the world. And K2 is also one of the peaks that have never been conquered in winter same as the Nanga Parbat was known as the Savage Mountain and even sometimes to have a climb to the top but to have death of a snow storm that raging fiercely.

2. Annapurna, Nepal

Height above sea level to 26,545 feet. 
Annapurna mountain is the death rate in the world. The number of climbers to 157 people, 60 people have died here, or as high as 38% of all challenges. So it is difficult to conquer the world's mountains. However, in 1987, a pair of climbers conquer it in the cold winter for the first time.

1. Eiger, Switzerland

Height above sea level to 13,025 feet. 
Eiger, although not sky high. But it is the most dangerous peaks. Located in the Alps, was discovered in 1858. But still no one can win once. Even among climbers to challenge their height. But  have to finish life to 64 people. And the rest was a total failure. So it is nicknamed Mordwand or murder wall. Until July 24, 1938 and 80 years later, climbers conquer have succeeded in the end.

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24 January 2014

Large termite nests in Litchfield National Park, Australia.

Large termite nests in Litchfield National Park, Australia

Large termite nests in Litchfield National Park, Australia

Large termite nests in Litchfield National Park, Australia

Large termite nests at  Litchfield National Park, Northern Australia. Visitors will find a termite magical beings or are called engineers in the construction. Of course, many times we tend to see the building with the earth of those termites. That created the landscape we were surprised nest together numerous times. To create make its nest let us surprise missteps aside.

Large termite nests in Litchfield National Park, Australia

Travel a few miles from the entrance to the Litchfield National Park. You will be surprised to the greatness of giant anthill that looks like a tombstone. Army of tiny termites million-strong've created these things. In the north to the south to protect the interior from the intense sun.

Large termite nests in Litchfield National Park, Australia

When viewed from the boardwalk nearby you will be amazed with the intelligent design of these subterranean insects. Anthill has multiple stacks at a height of over two meters. It can be fascinating for tourists visiting this park very well.

23 January 2014

Amazing Underwater canal, Cenote Angelita, Mexico.

Diving is an extremely popular activity of human bravery worldwide. Divers can expect to see something exotic in their own place to explore. But diving at Cenote Angelita in Mexico with a depth of over 30 meters. They were surprised underwater landscape unlike anywhere else in the world. Mist looks like a long way similar to water vapor in the morning. It also has the remains of tree trunks sticking two banks of the river fog is underwater. It is one of the wonders of the natural world.

Amazing Underwater canal, Cenote Angelita, Mexico.

Cenote Angelita, a vertical cave flooded. Below ground  the debris, twigs, leaves the lot like a forest floor. And it also appears the groove resemble river like the smoke of steam covered over the grooves separated from the clean water over the top.

In fact, much of what is seen as a river below is hydrogen sulfide a toxic gas that is fatal if inhaled more. Which is caused by the deposition of rubble detritus decomposition.

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22 January 2014

Train cat Tama, Japan.

Train cats Tama, Japan.

Today we'll visit one of the master station, Japan. The train station is not normal but as the train station cat the first of the world. Tama the cat is a cat of the railway station in Wakayama City.

Tama the cat head station the birth took place Wakayama city, small rural village and has its own solitude. It has a very small station. Hardly any passengers using the service a lot, so, with the city having a population in the area was minimal. Have also access roads to the city again. The passengers with the most comfortable cars to people in the area over. This will make the season left to decay. This will make the station were left to decay.

Affairs of the city railway Wakayama. That if allowed to continue to do this would be it. I will close the station alone. This master station So there is an idea Of observing events around themselves that they have a female cat named Tama the cute one.

Every day the station He worked here cat Tama follow he comes every day. The daily activities of cat Tama is the owner sitting, sleeping, waking. This cat's long day began to learn more sometimes Tama the cat walks in the train station. See passengers to use the service. Sometimes, sitting on a platform at the train station. Waiting for the train to run into like a receptionist.

The station master became crises into opportunities. He has a cat appoint Tama is the station master and ornamental elegant clothes dressing a cool hat. So it becomes big news. Attention people.

When people look through the glass of the office notice a cute Tama. Railway stations in Wakayama past this lonely. Become a must to visit to visit the cute cat Tama. Make it in the train station is the station master is a world first cat immediately.

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21 January 2014

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014

Lonely Planet,  travel magazine famous world. They have revealed a list of 10 destinations ideal for family holidays for 2014.

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014

1. Denmark

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Denmark

Denmark is an ideal destination for family travel. Tourism is considered a paradise for children. Of course, if the opportunity to visit Denmark. You must not lose the opportunity to visit Tivoli amusement park.  Tivoli amusement park are the most famous places in Copenhagen. A theme park with striking. Each of the amusement park, musical performances and fireworks show at night.

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Denmark

There is also a theme park Legoland in billund city. The location of the Statue of Liberty. And the characters of the Star Wars film made of 20 million Lego pieces. And advised to stay at hotel Legoland 4-star hotel. The morning you will have access to the theme park first and player can play without having to queue again.

2. Thailand

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014  Thailand

Thailand is a country with a dominant culture, food delicious and price cheap. There are many places to visit, such as The Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phrakaew) in Bangkok. Or take a boat to the Koh Chang island is the place to visit with family. Or to see a cute elephant in an elephant camp. Where visitors can enjoy various activities whether it's feeding the elephants, Elephant trekking.

3. Belize

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014   Belize

Small country along the Caribbean sea in the famous and beautiful beaches. Important is that the cost is affordable and perfect for traveling with families. As a country with a relatively small and most people use English to communicate that makes the trip to Belize is not difficult anymore. Traveler will enjoy the attractions activities  are many. Notably tourism has been very popular such as diving, wildlife tourism see animals rare.

4. Kerala

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014  Kerala

State, located in the south of India, one can create interesting destinations to visit much. For activities that you can not miss. When the opportunity to travel to Kerala is to watch the elephants, riding elephant and visit the Elephant Conservation Centre, jungle, hiking, snorkeling, visiting ancient palaces, and to try the food. Even if it's not spicy like Indian food in other states. Due mainly to highlight key ingredient is coconut water. Kerala is the state with the largest coconut plantation in India.

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014  Kerala

Finally, it is recommended to stay at  Wayanad Tranquil Resort. Resort is surrounded by sylvan gardens. And relaxing lodges, which are available in a variety of formats. And highlights of a stay here is overnight in a tree house surrounded by nature at night.

5. New York City

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 New York City

Most major U.S. cities (USA) city is considered the economic, financial, cultural entertainment. If you have the opportunity to visit New York, you will find that New York has become a city with more attractions. In particular, the opportunity to visit major tourist attractions, such as of Central Park,  New York City Park, Bronx Zoo, Zoo in the biggest city of the United States, museum and art gallery in Manhattan.

6. Hawaii

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Hawaii

Land of the Volcano which is currently one state in the U.S.. Islands in the Pacific Ocean known as the paradise of marine tourism. Visitors can admire the beauty of the white sand beach. And crystal waters for snorkeling see sea turtles and many other. It is recommended to watch the lava flowing from a volcano into the ocean. Which has been the focus of a lot.

 7. Prague

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014  Prague

It is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Prague is considered one of the ideal tourist destinations either during weekends. Because Prague is a city that is relatively small. The journey was quite comfortable, very much. Prague to tourism you either walk or tram ride which has been very popular. Children who come to the family will love the beauty of the old buildings. With a distinctive architecture. As in the fairy tale land with the castle on the hill. Visit the Old Town and Charles Bridge Old Bridge Gothic, on Ottawa River.

 8. Italy

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Italy

Italy is another country that has its attractions, a beautiful place to visit and relax. It is also the country with distinction in the matter of food, plenty to eat. And a visit to the Colosseum Large outdoor ancient stadium located in the heart of Rome. Or visit Pompeii ancient Roman city. Roman town current was registered as World Heritage by UNESCO . And one of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy.

 9. Iceland

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Iceland

The North Atlantic which has become a tourist destination is exciting and challenging.
In addition, Iceland. Also, the location of the Vatnajökull Glacier in largest Iceland's and Europe. There are a variety of activities such as hunting horseback riding, rafting, visiting the spectacular glaciers, or to go boating, kayaking, whale watching, and more.

10. Lapland

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Lapland

The cold lands of the vast forests of northern Scandinavia. Lapland is a region that has been dubbed it is The hometown of Santa Claus and the Snow Queen. Currently, Lapland has become a tourist destination for people who want to visit the land of cold Deneb is known as the hometown of Santa Claus. Of course, the most important tourism is to observe the beautiful northern lights in the winter. And to enjoy the beauty of the midnight sun in summer of Lapland.