19 December 2013

10 cities to visit in the year 2014.

Lonely Planet has revealed the list of 10 cities best tour of 2014, which carefully selected by travel experts.
See how the 10 cities that most tourists should visit in 2014.

10 cities to visit in the year 2014.

1. Paris, France

Paris, France 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

Lonely Planet is currently the world's most beautiful city of Paris has become the new look more beautiful. Paris government to alleviate traffic congestion by encouraging people to use public transport and bicycles. It also changes the street along the seine distance 1.5 miles on the right runner and bikeways. The road along the left bank from Alma Bridge, the Orsay Museum (2.5 miles), is defined as a car-free zone. The road becomes a path and develop the surrounding area into a water park, stadium, facilities, etc..

The Louvre Museum has opened a new gallery of Islamic art. Which is under the magic carpet of gold ceiling.The bells in the cathedral of Notre Dam also came back loud again. With original melodies as it used to be before the year 1789 (BE 2332), 9 new bell was installed early years ago.The Picasso Museum is open again, after the closure of many years.

2.City of Trinidad, Cuba

City of Trinidad, Cuba 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

The small town is registered as a World Heritage site.
The city next year's 500th anniversary of the founding of the city.
Of course, have to be a celebration.  And cultural activities to the retro atmosphere.
 Because even established nearly five centuries ago, but a way of life and still the traditional city of Trinidad. Enchantment remains the same. Stop time since Old buildings of distinctive architectural style. And Smooth ceilings decorated with style gardens, ceramic France. And the marble from Italy Purely as a result of the wealth in the sugar industry is booming. (19th Century)

3. Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town South Africa 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

In the past , Cape Town has got  award of  the beautiful natural, but the recent award of Cape Town has been chosen as the World Design Capital 2014, the city is green space has been beautifully designed. Projects is also being developed as a sustainable model. It is remarkable restoration of the old industrial neighborhood deteriorated 'Wood Woodstock' to trendy business district. Watch it and actively develop the east of the city as a center of innovation. Cape Town under the new name of 'The Forest Fringe additionally stores. Gourmet shops and restaurants to choose from this, but if you want to walk around the city , you can visit with red buses coach are available. The car will be launched by the city every 15 minutes (with 18 stations), the traveler can buy a ticket at either 1 day or 2 days.

4.City of Riga, Latvia.

City of Riga, Latvia 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

Riga is the capital and largest city of the Baltic states. It is the center of culture, education, government, commercial, and industrial transactions in the region, the old city is the historic center of the city of Riga. Which was registered as a World Heritage Site. It is full of old buildings. The wooden building is a neoclassical style and art nouveau building in Riga architecture has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2014.

5. City of Zurich in Switzerland.

City of Zurich in Switzerland 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

Switzerland is a land of dreams, many people want to visit. As it is a country with spectacular scenery and good weather. But the cost is high as the top of the world, especially in the city of Zurich. In August next year. Zurich will host the European Championships in Athletics.
Of course,  have to be an athlete and Division cheers visited this city so many. And for its nightlife Is Zurich - West. The former industrial area It is packed with clubs, bars, shops, restaurants etc. After unlocking the closing time of entertainment in the Zurich area became a haven for lovers nightlife. And the Party of European cities.

6. Shanghai, China

Shanghai,China 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

Lonely Planet said an industry with engine if compared Shanghai China is the powerful V8 engine of China. Because Shanghai has a high-speed rail network, only 3 lines in 2000. They are opening to high-speed rail line 16, Distance 59 kilometers in next years. High-speed rail system in the city of Shanghai has developed continuously and fastest growing in the world. It also has distance the world's third-longest. The building is the tallest building in China and second tallest in the world. That Shanghai Tower is located in the Lu Jia Zui  height of 121 floors to be completed next year, and it is the tallest hotel in the new world. Shanghai government allows  foreigners from 45 countries to travel in their own country for up to 72 hours without a visa.

7. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

Vancouver is a major port and is also the largest city in British Columbia. Seen as a city with a dense population. And full of tall buildings of this type. But here, it is surrounded by natural beauty, whether mountains, rivers, lakes, parks and green areas. And many of the beaches is a paradise for those who enjoy outdoor activities. And water sports are truly

8.Chicago, USA

Chicago, USA 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

Chicago is a city of architecture, full of skyscrapers . It is also home to world-class museums. And the sport of baseball at Wrigley Field, which is the 100th anniversary next year and will feature a series of commemorative events throughout the season. People do not like sports suggest theaters comedy the second city, which marks the 55th anniversary next year too.
For people who love music , we recommend a visit to Chicago in the summer. Because in June each year . The festival will feature a musical " Condo Chicago Blues Festival " for music lovers indulge in soul, blues and jazz, with three full days , but if you like heavy music . Terry at Al native rock , heavy metal, punk , rock , hip -hop DJs. Type of distribution they need to dance music festival. "La La Spa Salisbury " and " Pitch Fork " , held three days in July of each year, there is also a festival newbie like " Music Festival Deluxe Wave Front" celebrated. On the beach 3 full days in July . To appease particular dance. The music festival " Ryan Marriott phase " , which focuses on rock music punk rock music By Terry native hard-core , etc, that was fun too drunk together for 3 full days in September.

9. Adelaide Australia

Adelaide Australia 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

Many people believe that when they hear the name may not sound familiar, Adelaide city, because when most people talk about Australia . Often considered the largest city and about the famous Melbourne and Sydney , despite this city, has been considered . As the most livable in Australia for 3 consecutive years , and has been attached to one of the 10 most livable cities in the world for 2010 , according to Dart for ' The Economist ' , a well city. Adelaide is the capital and the most populous state of South Australia city. Australia also has the highest fifth of the Adelaide event is also important. Sports and arts festivals such as the Adelaide Festival of Arts world. Art exhibition that brings together several disciplines into one, Adelaide Fringe Festival in the annual festival of the arts. Held 24 consecutive days 24 nights during February and March and the Womadelaide ( World of Music , Arts & Dance) held annually . Runs 7-10 March next year , the big stadium 'Adelaide Oval, ' close the enormous budget . Open to use again next year. As the football team , Adelaide and Port Adelaide .

10. Auckland City New Zealand

Auckland City New Zealand 10 cities to visit in the year 2014

Most tourists tend to go to the South Island. To enjoy the panoramic views of mountains, lakes, hiking adventure. Bungee jumping and outdoor activities, despite the great city of Auckland. And the most cosmopolitan of New Zealand. It is unique and interesting too. Especially in the field of art and issuing a walk along the coast past Auckland has a new star dining. Pop up steadily and hit with fashionable restaurant focuses on only city works depot. Those art lovers should not miss a visit to Auckland art gallery further. You will also find many artworks. Since then the building is interesting too. It's an old building renovation and new makeover. It has been chosen as the World Building of the Year "for 2013 in the category of cultural buildings.

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