22 January 2014

Train cat Tama, Japan.

Train cats Tama, Japan.

Today we'll visit one of the master station, Japan. The train station is not normal but as the train station cat the first of the world. Tama the cat is a cat of the railway station in Wakayama City.

Tama the cat head station the birth took place Wakayama city, small rural village and has its own solitude. It has a very small station. Hardly any passengers using the service a lot, so, with the city having a population in the area was minimal. Have also access roads to the city again. The passengers with the most comfortable cars to people in the area over. This will make the season left to decay. This will make the station were left to decay.

Affairs of the city railway Wakayama. That if allowed to continue to do this would be it. I will close the station alone. This master station So there is an idea Of observing events around themselves that they have a female cat named Tama the cute one.

Every day the station He worked here cat Tama follow he comes every day. The daily activities of cat Tama is the owner sitting, sleeping, waking. This cat's long day began to learn more sometimes Tama the cat walks in the train station. See passengers to use the service. Sometimes, sitting on a platform at the train station. Waiting for the train to run into like a receptionist.

The station master became crises into opportunities. He has a cat appoint Tama is the station master and ornamental elegant clothes dressing a cool hat. So it becomes big news. Attention people.

When people look through the glass of the office notice a cute Tama. Railway stations in Wakayama past this lonely. Become a must to visit to visit the cute cat Tama. Make it in the train station is the station master is a world first cat immediately.

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