23 December 2013

10 cities like paradise for cyclists.

Forbes magazine list of the cities where the bicycle is the way. What are the major cities or in major cities to encourage people to use bicycles in bike sharing, Instead of traveling by car or public transport more. See how in this world, which city has the bike was hit and now dominate the city.

  10 cities like paradise for cyclists.

New York

 bike sharing New York

New York has opened  bike sharing the largest of the United States under the name  City Bike  at the end of May this year system of public bicycles. With approximately 300 service points spread across Manhattan and Brooklyn, and a bicycle four thousand units to serve the public or tourists for 24 hours. Users can register to purchase tickets. Card or annual ($ 95), which is the key to unlock it. You can use an unlimited number of times during the year. But for a time not exceeding 45 minutes. Or you can buy a short 7 days ( $ 25) or 24 hours ($ 9.95) , the latter bought the ticket at the point of service .You can use an unlimited number of times as well. But no more than every 30 minutes if used over time is limited by credit card. However, technically it is not a waste of money by restoring the car for service within the specified time then the car is recycled.


 bike sharing Paris

Paris open system bike-sharing with the name Velib as of July 2007 (2550) onwards.
Under such a system the current cycle of 2 thousand units and service points 1,800 points, or every 300 meters. Open 24 hours, One-day tickets are available (1.7 euros), the seventh day (€ 8) and annual (start  € 29) can be used an unlimited number of times. No more than 30 or 45 minutes, depending on selected entries. Originally called the bicycle sharing system in the world Paris. But it fell to 3 seconds the city of Wuhan and Hangzhou city of China. Hangzhou City, just opened a public bicycle system. Early years ago A total of 66,500 vehicles, bicycles and service point or pointing upwards instead of season 2700 system, the world's largest public bicycle.


 bike sharing London

London Open Bike Sharing System, Barclays Cycle Bays, the July 30, 2010. Which is the Mr Boris Johnson, Mayor of London office. It is called a Boris Bike. There are a total of 6000 units and station 400 points scattered throughout the city. Including the British Museum and Buckingham Palace. Forbes magazine said, Prince William and Princess Catherine, use service a Boris Bike on a regular basis as well. Users can choose to purchase an annual subscription (90 pounds), 7 days (10 pounds) or 24 hours (2 lb) can be used an unlimited number of times. Time not exceeding 30 minutes.


 bike sharing Montreal, Canada Brakes program

City of Montreal, Canada is open from Bike sharing systems "Brakes program" 4 years ago. Currently, there are 5,000 units and station 400 points. Those are members can purchase annual tickets ( 80.5 Canadian Dollar), 30 days ( 31.25 Canadian Dollar), or short for 24 hours ( 5 Canadian Dollar) you can use an unlimited number of times, time not exceeding 45 minutes. For those who are not members. There are 2 types of ticket is a ticket 72 hours (15 Canadian Dollar) and 24 hours (7 Canadian Dollar) can be used an unlimited number of times. Time not exceeding 30 minutes and a credit card deposit in the amount of CDN $ 250 (to be shown on your credit card for 3-10 days).


 bike sharing Amsterdam OV- fiets

Although the Netherlands Most have their own bike, the OV- fiets public bike system in the Netherlands . ( Managed by train ) to be a great success. Motorcycle owners do not have to worry about finding parking. Do not worry, the car will be stolen. And take bikes on the train would be costly " OV- fiets" is a good solution and saving the Netherlands. Current " OV- fiets , " a bicycle, serving a total of 6,000 vehicles and is landing more than 230 points. Most train stations , bus stops , etc. , so that people who use public transport , cycling at your destination immediately. This service is ideal for travelers, but could not do much. Must register and submit the required documentation before. And you must have a bank account in the Netherlands. While the details and most are Dutch cigars ( 10 euros per year for a fee of 3 euros per session , which will be deducted from your bank account directly . Can be rotated to any and used for up to 24 hours). Amsterdam is a city of bicycles on the population. It was dubbed as the bicycle capital of the world. Bicycle rental is also available as an alternative to several thousand people . ( Not a bike sharing system ). Cyclists can explore the city of 3 hours ( start at 7 euros income , depending on the type of bike that choice ) up to 1 day or more, also I have some insurance too.

The Netherlands has a population of about 16.7 million people , but the country has more than 18 million vehicles were bicycles.

City of Chattanooga (Tennessee, USA)

 bike sharing Chattanooga Tennessee, USA  bicycle transit system

Even is a small town It has a population of just 170,000 people , most people are using private vehicles for the use. D. Transport and Cycling leaders , however,
the mayor and the community in this city still not desperate , still the motor system, public bicycles under. project " bicycle transit system " is figurative , and opened in July last year. This program has a total of 300 cars bikes a service provider over 30 points with an area of ​​2.5 square miles in downtown. It is open 24 hours a day , users can opt for an annual subscription ( $ 75 ) , you will receive electronic key for unlocking . Can be used an unlimited number of times . Time not exceeding 60 minutes at no cost . ( If there is more than this will be charged to the credit card) or to purchase tickets 24 hours ( $ 6 ) at the point of service, which can be used an unlimited number of times. Time not exceeding 60 minutes , tickets are also available for organizations , agencies and special prices for exhibitions and events as well. Only six months after its launch. A total of 12,600 service users each energy metabolism over 1 million calories and reduce landfill waste in the air up to 8,100 pounds of history.

City Stanford. California, USA

 bike sharing Stanford. California, USA  Campus Bicycle Coordinator

City Stanford. California, USA
Stanford University is home to the Ford. What has been hailed as a bicycle friendly community level Platinum Platt. University and is also full of bicycles. Forbes noted that the students here are about 20,000 people and has approximately 15,000 cars bikes are also "Campus Bicycle Coordinator " , which is responsible for promoting and supporting facilities . And monitor riding bicycle on campus to be legal and safe.
In addition to free parking and a bicycle lock . (Approximately 12,000 units ago ) and Stanford University also offers showers, lockers, laundry and bicycle rental services listed bikes for new students and provides bicycle parking light , a free bicycle loan for students. Free one week rental for folding bicycle , training , cycling , safety, etc. College Bicycle Program Stan Ford was considered the final and complete. Because the shuttle bus service operates Little Free and University Medical Center. ( For students and residents ) , along with a front grille of the bike.

San Francisco

 bike sharing San Francisco  Bicycle Coalition

San Francisco bicycle available almost everywhere. It also has a strong group of cyclists under the organization name " San Francisco Bicycle Coalition ", serving a public campaign to ride a bike to school and work through. The activities also pushed for government agencies to expand access to bicycle traffic. Each and covers the entire city . Besides knowing about the trip and share the road safely. With up to 12,000 members . And in late August. San Francisco is finally open the bike sharing under the name " Bay Area Bike Share " with the bike in total of 700 units and a network or station. more than 70 points covering the Bay Area including downtown San Francisco , Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto and San Jose are open 24 hours a day. Users will have to register first . You can choose between an annual ($ 88 ) , 3 day ($ 22 ) or 24 hours ( $ 9 ) you can use an unlimited number of times . Time not exceeding 30 minutes


 bike sharing Portland

City of Portland, Oregon, USA , Was named as one of the cities that are friendly to the environment. Or is green in the world. It is known as a city that is friendly to most bikes. I also like the people in this town, bike to work or school, too. Therefore it is not surprising that the city of Portland is a bike shop. Bike shops With several bike tours. It also plans to put a public bicycle system in place next year. (The delay in the process of sponsors.) and assigned to the company Ultra Bike sharing is managed. Which will have a station or a network of 74 locations and a total of 740 cars, bicycles are available 24 hours a day.


 bike sharing Boston Hub Way The T

Several years ago , the people of Boston turned to walk , not less. Or use " The T" ( public transport in Massachusetts Bay. Which includes buses, trains , subway, ferry ) instead of owning a car. From the July 28, 2011 , the people of Boston had a bike sharing system called "hub Way" as an alternative to travel. Present "Hub Way" have a bike sharing  of more than 1,000 vehicles and  point of service more than 100 points in the city of Boston and surrounding areas, such as Cambridge, Brooklyn and Summerville . It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 3 seasons per year ( no service in winter) can subscribe either by year ($ 85) and monthly ( $ 20 ) members will receive electronic key for unlocking the car Knicks . Can be used an unlimited number of times . Time not exceeding 30 minutes at no cost. ( If more than this will be charged on the 10th of the following month. ) For those wanting to use it for some time. You can buy tickets for 3 days ( $ 12) or 24 hours ( $ 6 ) at the point of service, which can be used an unlimited number of times. Time not exceeding 30 minutes , and ( if more than this, within three days will be charged , the ticket expires ), but if you want to use each time. Bicycles can be rented at the bike rental shop , which has several together.

Note Bike Sharing  or Bicycles Sharing  is to provide bicycles to travel in the short term . Within the city Another alternative to the private car. Or other public transport is also an ideal solution for the transport needed to continue walking distance or travel connections between the network traffic through the system " bike sharing " current global nearly 535 programs in more than 500 cities solution . ( 51 countries ) and motorcycles were 517,000 units and a growth rate increased dramatically in the past two years . For Asian countries with such systems , including Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea .

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