14 December 2013

Attractions in Pattaya Thailnd.

Attractions in Pattaya Thailand.

Pattaya does not have night sights only. But there are many attractions that you did not know. Today I will talk about the most popular places to visit in Pattaya where it is.

Mimosa Pattaya.

Mimosa Pattaya Thailand

Mimosa to visit Pattaya, the new French-style model of the town of Colmar in Alsace in France is a tiny colorful old Mimosa Pattaya is a place where tourists under the theme The City of Love, it was. is to allow tourists to see different views. Love through art, interior comfort. Who wants to take a walk, go shopping, dine in the elegant came here at all.

Art in Paradise Art 3D Pattaya. (Art Museum in Paradise)

Art in Paradise Art 3D Pattaya Thailand

Art in Paradise Art 3D Pattaya Thailand

Art in 3D as the "Art in Paradise" is not the same as a typical museum. No hanging on the wall and let people walk indefinitely. But the highlight of this museum is that the public can be part of the painting. And the craft exhibition each image is also realistic. Painting art museum with three-dimensional  is a tourist attraction that the city did. Divided into different zones But the concept of an exhibition of photographs, such as camping areas and underwater fauna. The graffiti global zone, area Ayutthaya and Egypt, paintings surreal zone, zone, zone, dinosaurs view and abroad. The exhibition hall of over 6,000 square meters, with a portfolio of more than 100 3D images.

Pattaya Floating Market 4.

Pattaya Floating Market 4 Thailand

Pattaya Floating Market 4 Thailand

New Attraction Pattaya Floating Market 4 . Cultural heritage as a tourist destination and a center of activity of the variety. The floating cultural preservation 4 of 4 regions to gather here a perfect blend . Shopping Craft Culture and Tourism Including the same point is a new mall selling point in itself can not be matched by Pattaya Floating Market 4 subdivided into sections such as sunflower wood carving museum . They are also Buying local handicrafts Thailand 114 stores , including the activities of life , culture , Thailand. Or a rowboat floating historical views Memories is oriented to both local tourists and foreign tourists to Thailand learning. Known Background In the past, the river traffic . Besides learning different arts of the 4 regions (Live & Learn) Silk fabric , an ancient candy Thailand or landscape studies . Of those who live and conduct commerce on the river.

The Sanctuary of Truth.

The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya Thailand

Exceptionally beautiful castle on the beach in the seaside town of Pattaya. Spectacular in an area of ​​over 80 hectares and has been voted one of the Unseen in Thailand is also classified as the largest wooden architecture of Siam. Also hidden beneath the splendor philosophy. Cruise the scenic view from the castle in the sea, is an attractive alternative. Dinner, culminating with a lasting impression.

Amusement Park Pattaya (Pattaya Park).

Amusement Park Pattaya Thailand

Let's go on a fun adventure to see Pattaya Park. That's never boring. It even has a theme park and a water park. Fun with a scream, before Titanic slide down to the pool at the water park on the beach. Or to measure the heart of Pattaya Park Tower. By zipline down from the highest tower in Pattaya.

Museum Pattaya Ripley.

Museum Pattaya Ripley Thailand

"Ripley" in Pattaya, this strange story. And he wonders around the world, both human horses, three, four eyes, etc., that are both mystical and magnificent baroque awesome time together. Watch a compilation of the peculiarities interstitial classes exhibit Mr. Ripley, founder of the Museum collected more than 300 pieces of fun with a treacherous illusion. The principles of applied science and horror illusion secretly with a small head, a miniature of Ecuador. And fork to eat the tribal people of Fiji to the ancient tribes. Come experience you will never forget. By the end of the question itself. Believe it or not ... ?

Walking Street Pattaya.

Walking Street Pattaya Thailand

At night, the busiest pedestrian street in the city. Thailand is popular among tourists and foreigners. In particular,  who like the show. Here are also numerous. Or you can find chilling drinks. After moving to the pub which is open to the fun.

Koh Larn Pattaya.

Koh Larn Pattaya Thailand Island

A small island not far from Pattaya. City Light Night Chonburi. The city is considered a favorite Ideal for stress slip away on vacation for a short time. Also easy is also good to relax for the weekend. Accommodation island are many and varied style. Cute A variety of colorful Budget accommodation and lodging by the sea. In addition, the island also offers a natural and beautiful new, ocean. It also includes a lot of restaurants on the island. You can choose to relax humor. That jolly or soothing

Wihan Sian multiple charitable court Viharn Sien (Anek Kuson Chamber).

Wihan Sian multiple charitable court Viharn Sien Anek Kuson Chamber Thailand Pattaya

Phoenician temple or multi Charity Hall is a collection of art from Thailand - China, high priority in Thailand. The Chinese temple is three stories high. Inside are statues of Chinese martial arts as Bao Travel and tomb of Qin Shi Huang of Chinese martial arts of Shaolin Temple. And also has a museum, the White Jade Guanyin enormous sacrifices.

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