25 December 2013

Christmas in Asia.

Christmas  in Asia.
Christmas is one of the most festive atmosphere of traveling to a foreign place is the most common. To see there is somewhere in Asia, that during this Christmas season.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Singapore during the Christmas season. In addition to seeing a variety of activities that people perform. The carnival associated with the culture then. To see the bright side of the lights used to decorate the building. The Orchard road is made even more special by the flame of a candle over a thousand copies. Side at a distance of more than 5 kilometers up to Christmas trees about 15 meters and beyond this way. There are also other attractions such as the Singapore Zoo celebrates Universal Studios in Sentosa Island. And Chinatown, etc.


Japan is a destination that should be visited during the Christmas season. To experience the beauty, and fun skiing. Ski resort has more than 500 locations across the country. Especially in Hokkaido and Nagano. It is well known that the resort facilities of the two cities that have to relieve cold in onsen hot water every day, It also costs less compared to skiing in North America and Europe.


What makes the Philippines as an attractive destination for Christmas. Because it has the longest celebration of Christmas. Starts from 9 September to January next year . Which coincides with the festival parade Black Nazarene, and during this time you will see various locations, including the homes of the people are full of color  and decorative lamp, Parols lights the star that symbolizes Christmas here . And the stores during the Christmas season , has a lower price promotion major shopping options to your liking.

For people who want to celebrate Christmas in the nature atmosphere. Philippines has 7,000 islands decides to travel to the island at leisure. Whether it's white sand beaches , Boracay Island , Limestone Colón Island, city Bohol paradise for divers, see  White Shark closely in Salt Creek. Between November and June. The study of history along with the shopping strip in Spanish Town .
City of Goa India

Although the city is the smallest city in India. But, is the city is famous for tourism. Especially during the Christmas season and because in the past the city was once a Portuguese colony, so the atmosphere of the Christmas season here, so the atmosphere of Portugal also cultural nuances.  The home decoration, Church hymns, And sing for enjoyment.

However, if these things are not the answer. This also has a beach with sea views. And a delicious meal in the day. The night is a night club and disco for night owls out on arrival. More important than that is that Goa is a city can easily buy more drinks than any other city in India.
Seoul Korea

Because the Christian population of South Korea is pretty big. And given at Christmas is a holiday so the celebration of the Christmas holidays here, so it's a pretty big deal. With both parties gift giver Send greeting Many other activities, and whether the city of Seoul is snow or not. But the temperature was reduced to almost 0 degrees anyway, so it's a good opportunity. That immerse you in hot water, Jim Jill Bang eat Korean dishes. Or you play the beautiful outdoor skating.

If you now decide the destination you want to travel then. Just remember to get ready for winter clothes, gloves, scarves and accessories. Have fun in this whole journey.
With the perfect combination to keep as a souvenir.

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