21 December 2013

Christmas market in Europe.

Christmas market in Europe.

Major cities in Europe, will have a Christmas market for the sale of smart and lively style of presentation. And very colorful Christmas. Let's see the major cities of Europe.

Vienna, Austria 

Commercial property market in Vienna. Located in front of City Hall. And it is considered one of the most popular with tourists as well as the oldest markets in the world. This began with the trade because the market for over 700 years. And even more during Christmas and it is. Here are full of so many people throughout the market. The decorations are beautiful places along the way.

City of Strasbourg, France

 Market in the city of Strasbourg this. Located on the grounds of the church that are created every year since 1590, there will be a substantial increase in each year and highlights the outstanding craft both children and the arts, with the head of the city to sell at this event.

City of Cologne, Germany

If you have the opportunity go to city of Cologne to see that this brand has a lot to  7 style Christmas market and with this diversity. Done at Christmas every year. Tourists come here more than 4 million, key of this city is the Gothic Dom Cathedra is built in Gothic architecture. For complete artworks. Crafts and activities for fun.

City of Dusseldorf, Germany 

Christmas Market in city of Dusseldorf. It is considered one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. With sales of various facade designs with over 210 stalls offer only clear, unlike any other in the world and will feature Christmas. The Christmas calendar chocolates, including decorations a many more are also ice rink, measuring 450 square meters.

City of Gothenburg, Sweden 

This is the largest Christmas market in Sweden. The highlight impressed, which is decorated with colorful lights. When illuminated at night. And more attractive, not less. And if someone wants to find fun activities to do with the challenges they have ice skating and skiing activities.

City of Nuremberg Germany

Although the city of Nuremberg. There will be stalls of the Christmas market 180 stalls, but the 180 stalls in the back with an outstanding balance on the old tradition. And the beauty of the place, if possible is encouraged to try to start from the first day. to see the crafts of the school children often the decorations that are selling their crafts.

City of Basel in Switzerland 

City of Basel Christmas Market is the oldest market in Switzerland. And during the In Basel will become a city of beautiful winter by default. Because the weather is snowy. Greatly improving the atmosphere of the Christmas season as well. And this year promises  more kiosks selling. And the sights of the market to increase the previous years as well.

City of Zurich in Switzerland

Even if the other is held in the outdoor market. But for the Christmas market in the city took place in the Zurich train station. The area of ​​the Zurich train station is large and spacious. This makes the Christmas market in the city of Zurich is regarded as the largest covered market in Europe. If rain or snow is falling thick size. That is comfortably without fear that the climate is not favorable.

City of Birmingham, England 

British city of Birmingham will be held in accordance with the German Christmas Market. With the introduction of the famous grilled sausages, wines and decoration, to ensure compliance with the German style. With the transformed space, and a new name "Frankfurt Christmas Market Frank 'is filled with stalls selling area of ​​more than 180 stalls, and is considered the largest Christmas market in the British Isles, it is not.

See the bustling atmosphere of Christmas this year. Let's say it was very fascinating.

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