19 January 2014

What souvenir for recipients unpleasant?

Time travel abroad you would be to try to buy souvenirs. So hopefully the people at home , at work or someone you know. Be pleasant souvenirs but Souvenir You said it good, recipients may not always pleasant. A survey of web Skyscanner appears that the souvenirs , often from friends or family , it is likely to be dumped into the trash.

What souvenir for recipients unpleasant?

1. Keychain
2. DVD disc forging
3. Magnets
4. Food
5. Cheap Jewelry
6. Branded airline

Skyscanner identified as buying a souvenir to a family or a friend. There seems to be a good thing to do during your travel. But tourists should keep the money to buy give them better. Because more than 65 percent of respondents. They do not appreciate the gifts they receive. And 34 percent of the need to find a way to get rid of the souvenir not want  by dropping into the garbage or to be donated to others.

A survey of over 1,000 people found that the top of the key list of souvenir that do not want the (17 percent) plus fake DVDs (12 percent) and the Magnet (10 percent), food ( 7 percent). while the cheap jewelry (5 percent) and brand of the airline (5 percent)

After receipt of deposit do not want. They will do with those gifts. The survey found that only 8 percent of respondents just trying to use the acquired deposits. A deposit of 10 percent is applied to the donation. While another 10 percent is leads to others. It also has the possibility of 2 percent to explore the cracked or broken. They do not need to be stored. And 1 percent of respondents refused to accept the deposit immediately.

Source data from Skyscanner