21 January 2014

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014

Lonely Planet,  travel magazine famous world. They have revealed a list of 10 destinations ideal for family holidays for 2014.

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014

1. Denmark

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Denmark

Denmark is an ideal destination for family travel. Tourism is considered a paradise for children. Of course, if the opportunity to visit Denmark. You must not lose the opportunity to visit Tivoli amusement park.  Tivoli amusement park are the most famous places in Copenhagen. A theme park with striking. Each of the amusement park, musical performances and fireworks show at night.

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Denmark

There is also a theme park Legoland in billund city. The location of the Statue of Liberty. And the characters of the Star Wars film made of 20 million Lego pieces. And advised to stay at hotel Legoland 4-star hotel. The morning you will have access to the theme park first and player can play without having to queue again.

2. Thailand

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014  Thailand

Thailand is a country with a dominant culture, food delicious and price cheap. There are many places to visit, such as The Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phrakaew) in Bangkok. Or take a boat to the Koh Chang island is the place to visit with family. Or to see a cute elephant in an elephant camp. Where visitors can enjoy various activities whether it's feeding the elephants, Elephant trekking.

3. Belize

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014   Belize

Small country along the Caribbean sea in the famous and beautiful beaches. Important is that the cost is affordable and perfect for traveling with families. As a country with a relatively small and most people use English to communicate that makes the trip to Belize is not difficult anymore. Traveler will enjoy the attractions activities  are many. Notably tourism has been very popular such as diving, wildlife tourism see animals rare.

4. Kerala

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014  Kerala

State, located in the south of India, one can create interesting destinations to visit much. For activities that you can not miss. When the opportunity to travel to Kerala is to watch the elephants, riding elephant and visit the Elephant Conservation Centre, jungle, hiking, snorkeling, visiting ancient palaces, and to try the food. Even if it's not spicy like Indian food in other states. Due mainly to highlight key ingredient is coconut water. Kerala is the state with the largest coconut plantation in India.

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014  Kerala

Finally, it is recommended to stay at  Wayanad Tranquil Resort. Resort is surrounded by sylvan gardens. And relaxing lodges, which are available in a variety of formats. And highlights of a stay here is overnight in a tree house surrounded by nature at night.

5. New York City

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 New York City

Most major U.S. cities (USA) city is considered the economic, financial, cultural entertainment. If you have the opportunity to visit New York, you will find that New York has become a city with more attractions. In particular, the opportunity to visit major tourist attractions, such as of Central Park,  New York City Park, Bronx Zoo, Zoo in the biggest city of the United States, museum and art gallery in Manhattan.

6. Hawaii

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Hawaii

Land of the Volcano which is currently one state in the U.S.. Islands in the Pacific Ocean known as the paradise of marine tourism. Visitors can admire the beauty of the white sand beach. And crystal waters for snorkeling see sea turtles and many other. It is recommended to watch the lava flowing from a volcano into the ocean. Which has been the focus of a lot.

 7. Prague

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014  Prague

It is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. Prague is considered one of the ideal tourist destinations either during weekends. Because Prague is a city that is relatively small. The journey was quite comfortable, very much. Prague to tourism you either walk or tram ride which has been very popular. Children who come to the family will love the beauty of the old buildings. With a distinctive architecture. As in the fairy tale land with the castle on the hill. Visit the Old Town and Charles Bridge Old Bridge Gothic, on Ottawa River.

 8. Italy

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Italy

Italy is another country that has its attractions, a beautiful place to visit and relax. It is also the country with distinction in the matter of food, plenty to eat. And a visit to the Colosseum Large outdoor ancient stadium located in the heart of Rome. Or visit Pompeii ancient Roman city. Roman town current was registered as World Heritage by UNESCO . And one of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy.

 9. Iceland

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Iceland

The North Atlantic which has become a tourist destination is exciting and challenging.
In addition, Iceland. Also, the location of the Vatnajökull Glacier in largest Iceland's and Europe. There are a variety of activities such as hunting horseback riding, rafting, visiting the spectacular glaciers, or to go boating, kayaking, whale watching, and more.

10. Lapland

10 destinations Family Travel for 2014 Lapland

The cold lands of the vast forests of northern Scandinavia. Lapland is a region that has been dubbed it is The hometown of Santa Claus and the Snow Queen. Currently, Lapland has become a tourist destination for people who want to visit the land of cold Deneb is known as the hometown of Santa Claus. Of course, the most important tourism is to observe the beautiful northern lights in the winter. And to enjoy the beauty of the midnight sun in summer of Lapland.