23 January 2014

Amazing Underwater canal, Cenote Angelita, Mexico.

Diving is an extremely popular activity of human bravery worldwide. Divers can expect to see something exotic in their own place to explore. But diving at Cenote Angelita in Mexico with a depth of over 30 meters. They were surprised underwater landscape unlike anywhere else in the world. Mist looks like a long way similar to water vapor in the morning. It also has the remains of tree trunks sticking two banks of the river fog is underwater. It is one of the wonders of the natural world.

Amazing Underwater canal, Cenote Angelita, Mexico.

Cenote Angelita, a vertical cave flooded. Below ground  the debris, twigs, leaves the lot like a forest floor. And it also appears the groove resemble river like the smoke of steam covered over the grooves separated from the clean water over the top.

In fact, much of what is seen as a river below is hydrogen sulfide a toxic gas that is fatal if inhaled more. Which is caused by the deposition of rubble detritus decomposition.

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